iTero Element
iTero Element

The iTtero Element Intraoral Scanner represents the next generation of iTero intraoral scanning design capabilities. Engineered to be portable, powerful, and intuitive. It represents our continued investment in clinical prscision and patient satosfaction.

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Our office provides orthodontic treatment of adult patients and young patients with permanent teeth only by aeshtetic    system INVISALIGN. The only exception are patients prepared for jaw surgery.

PetrOrtho s.r.o.
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Our office  provides  orthodontic treatment for  patients of any age. Besides young patients, who often appreciate colourful and decorated removable braces, we treat teenagers, where we offer invisible style –  removable clear aligners Invisalign. We treat also adult patients, even of older age, which especially appreciate aesthetic treating system. In case of severe malocclusion  we cooperate with jaw surgery and prepare the patient for surgical treatment.

Invisalign The advanced sensing transparent splints type Invisalign you can read more.

For succesful orthodontic treatment…

For succesful orthodontic treatment patient´s detailed documentation must be prepared. This consists of entry consultation (a discussion with an orthodontist about  patient´s problems and ways how to solve it), of  clinical examination,  impressions of teeth, x-rays, and of teeth and face photos. On the base of all these information the orthodontist works out a treatment plan, which is thoroughly consulted with a patient. Then active orthodontic treatment may begin.

Keeping dental hygiene is essential

Extraction of teeth are often that extractions of teeth are often a part of orthodontic treatment, which could be enabled and quickened by strict following of dental hygiene rules and other recommendation of a doctor. This discipline you will have to keep up about 2 years – this is an average duration of orthodontic treatment. You will be rewarded by straight teeth and beautiful smile.To keep this state you should follow certain rules even after the active orthodontic treatment, in the retention or stabilization phase. 

PetrOrtho s.r.o.

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Services and treatments
  • Straightening of teeth
  • Implementation of colourful braces
  • Implementation of invisible braces
  • Shaping of teeth arch
  • Cooperation with jaw surgery
  • Preparation of teeth for jaw surgery
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