iTero Element
iTero Element

The iTtero Element Intraoral Scanner represents the next generation of iTero intraoral scanning design capabilities. Engineered to be portable, powerful, and intuitive. It represents our continued investment in clinical prscision and patient satosfaction.

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Price list

PetrOrtho s.r.o., Uruguayská 272/3, 120 00 Praha 2   IČ: 2895977

   Valid from 1.1.2023
Treatment Code name  Price (CZK)
AANTEL Analysis of profile cephalograph     800,- CZK
ABIHG Application of laboratory made lingual arch, headgear or facial mask 3.200,- CZK
ACLONA   Application of vestibular shield   1.000,- CZK
ADES Application of removable plate   3.500,- CZK
ADLAH Application of removable splint  2.800,- CZK
AFIX Plan of the treatment with fixed appliance and application, one jaw              14.400,- CZK
AFIXM Plan of the treatment with small fixed appliance and application, one jaw      7.800,- CZK
AHYGIN Oral hygiene – instruction 1.600,- CZK
AHYGKO Checkup of oral hygiene  900,- CZK
AHYGPO Training of oral hygiene – including tools (the price depends on the sort and number of tools)                   min. 100,- CZK
AHYRA Applic. of fixed appl. for palatal expansion, distalizer  6.900,- CZK
AINVEX INVISALIGN treatment simple, one jaw                                                      32.000,- CZK
AINVID INVISALIGN treatment – supplementary payment 69.000,- CZK
AINVIL INVISALIGN treatment more simple or teen – supplementary payment            49.000,- CZK
AINVIS  INVISALIGN treatment more simple, one jaw – supplementary payment   29.000,- CZK
AINVIZ INVISALIGN treatment – deposit  60.000,- CZK
AKLAM Application of functional removable appliance (e.g. Klammt, Fränkel)  6.100,- CZK
AKNOFL Glueing on of one button 700,- CZK
AKOF Checkup of treatment with fixed appliance or removable appliance with Hg 800,- CZK
AKONZ Orthodontic consultation 700,- CZK
AKOS Checkup of treatment with/without removable appliance  600,- CZK
AKROUZ Adaptation and fixation of one band 1.600,- CZK
AMODAN Orthodontic diagnostic and documentation models with analysis 1.900,- CZK
AMODEL Computer simulation of the treatment in Dolphin Imaging programme 2.500,- CZK
AMONO Application of simple functional removable appliance (monobloc) 5.100,- CZK
ANACEM Adaptation and fixation of one band without material 900,- CZK
ANALEP Glueing on of one bracket without material  700,- CZK
AOBL Preparation and joining of arch wire  1.400,- CZK
AOPGAN Panoramic radiograph with analysis or hand radiogr. with growth analysis  1.000,- CZK
AOPRA Reparation of removable appliance  900,- CZK
AOPRO Reparation of removable appliance with impression 1.800,- CZK
ARET Application of fixed wire retainer 2.200,- CZK
ARTGEX Radiograph of a hand, panoramic radiograph, lateral cephalograph or radiograph of temporomandibular joint 700,- CZK
ASEJM Removal of the fixed appliance, one jaw 1.600,- CZK
ASEJNA Removal and joining of arch wire 800,- CZK
ASETUP Diagnostic-treatment rebuilding of orthodontic model 4.100,- CZK
ASUS Application of „jumping“ appliance (Herbst, SUS etc.), Carriere Motion      12.300,- CZK
ATELAN Profile cephalograph with analysis, CBCT  1.400,- CZK
AVIRTU Creation and demonstration of virtual probable treatment result 12.200,- CZK
AVYSET Entrance orthodontic examination 600,- CZK
AZABRU Stripping – interdental grinding, one jaw 1.000,- CZK
AZAM Glueing on of one bracket 1.000,- CZK
AZRYCH Accelerated orthodontic treatment, appl. included 21.000,- CZK