iTero Element
iTero Element

The iTtero Element Intraoral Scanner represents the next generation of iTero intraoral scanning design capabilities. Engineered to be portable, powerful, and intuitive. It represents our continued investment in clinical prscision and patient satosfaction.

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Offered services

Our office provides orthodontic treatment for patients of all  ages. The resolution about timing and a type of orthodontic treatment is done by a leading orthodontist  after detailed examination of a patient and agreed by a patient or by their parents. We  offer removable and fixed appliances included modern  invisible aligners of  INVISALIGN system. In suitable case we can use so called Invisalign-300x120speedy orthodontics or corticotomy, which may quicken duration of the treatment almost three times. We cooperate with best dentists in Prague and in the Czech republic when our  patients  need interdisciplinary treatment .

We cooperate with other experts

Endodontics is provided especially by MUDr.Zallmanová and parodontology by 3DK Dental Clinic led by MUDr.Streblov and MUDr.Tomeček. Problems of missing teeth are solved in cooperation with Implantology centrum led by MUDr.Zábrodský. Severe malocclusions and facial aesthetic problems  are treated by best team for orthognatic surgery  led by doc.MUDr.Foltán, Ph.D.

Modelation of the result in Dolphin Imaging programme

Changes in patient´s facial aesthetics after orthodontic treatment can be previewed and visualised with help of special programme Dolphin Imaging. We manage our patients´ appointments at other offices of cooperating specialists  or clinics  in order to save our patients´ time. For the same reason we have a team of specialists who can participate at treatment of a particular  patient.

Entrance consultation is always led by the leading orthodontist

First call information is given by our recepcion assistent, who can fix the first appoitment and shortly explain possibilities of treatment and of our office. The entry consultation and  examination are always provided by leading orthodontist MUDr.Petr, only rarely in his absence they are given by his colleague. We have an equipment  for every further examination, only in difficult cases when more interdisciplinary cooperation is needed, e.g. CT x-rays, they are made at offices of our cooperating specialists.

We dispose of all standard treatment devices

Our office has no contracts with health insurance enterprises,  all the orthodontic treatment is payed by patients, who are our clients and appreciate this situation. This means for us  higher quality of our services and closer approach to our patients and their needs They are rewarded by high level of their dental and facial aesthetics and functinal teeth for many years.